Saturday, November 17, 2007

Living with the n800

It has been far too long since my post. It's not like I haven't plenty to blog about, the Dallas 3day breast cancer walk, the nascar races in Ft. Worth, deer hunting, a motorcycle trip from Dallas to Sugar Land via Amarillo and Roswell,NM. I even have draft post that chronicles my trials and tribulations of getting my custom seat for the BMW.

Well today's post is really just to make sure the n800 can still post. It's the 3rd weekend of deer season and the n800 has been with me for most of the days I've hunted. Battery life is pretty good @ 5 hours per charge but since I put it into heavy use on October 25th I've had to reflash and reload at least 5 times. It seems that after a little use the jffs root filesystem would get corrupted and cause the unit to get into a reboot cycle which seems to result in certain reflashing and reloading. This last time around I decided to run the root fs off of the sd card and it's running on an ext3 fs instead of jffs. With the bootmenu installed now I can also load the new OS2008 which will give me most of the benefits of the newer n810. And I can switch between the 2 OSes until 2008 gets all the apps ported that I like to run. I need to figure out how to mount my /home directory as a separate mount point so it can be shared between the 2 OSes.

Cell coverage has improved @ the deer camp this year. I can now make calls from any where on the property and data speeds seem to be on par with the service around Sugar Land. It's not as fast as wifi but it's fast enough to use my imap email clients (claws on n800, evolution on laptop).

It's now 7:45am and I haven't heard any shots in at least 45 minutes and haven't seen anything in over an hour. So much for my hope that rut was going to be in full swing.

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