Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Upgrading my Verizon Treo 700p

Today is the day before Thanksgiving and it seems that everyone has taken off this year for parts unknown. Everybody is taking advantage of the 4 day weekend. Personally I'm using the day to get some things done around the house so I can leave for the deer camp tomorrow evening and hunt Friday through Sunday.

One of the issues I needed to take care of was my Treo 700p's charging port. It doesn't work. So I went by the Verizon store and talk to someone in tech support. After describing the problem she asked if I had the insurance, which I did. She then dialed a number and handed me the phone, a pen, and a sticky note pad. She told me to get the name of the person and my claim id. About 5 minutes I completed the call and have a new Treo 700p on it's way. The only problem... it won't be here until Friday and I plan to be GONE Thursday night. Oh well, I can live with the old Treo for the weekend since I've been dealing with the charge problem for a while and I have a cradle.

So what's a techy nerdy type supposed to do the day before he goes out of town when he has a replacement phone coming??? You guessed it, upgrade the darn thing with the Palm Maintenance Release. Wooo hoooo!

OK, so I decided to go the SD Card route because of some things I read about the Sprint upgrade when it came out many months ago. OK so I follow the directions I get from the Palm site. The funny thing is that the update actually checks to make sure you've plugged in your AC connection. Well by propping it up in a corner I seem to be able to put enough pressure on the connection to keep it registered for the update.

So far so good, I've completed the first 5 minutes in which the update upgrades the ROM. Now on to the firmware. After a few reboots I get another message telling me to plug in the power cable and press OK. I figit with the phone's position until I hear the charging tone and then I proceed with the firmware upgrade. The instructions warn that this update will wipe out the users settings and data. I find it entertaining that I see a status line that says "backing up items" and then another one that says "Restoring items". In between those 2 messages though it does a lot including upgrading the modem. I can only hope it makes my data performance better.

Oh glory days! The update completed successfully. I did have to fiddle with the power cable a few more times but I got through the update and the phone now reports software 1.10-VZW. I think I'll keep the SD Card and update my new phone when I get back from hunting. Thanks to Resco Explorer I was able to quickly restore my apps. Unfortunately it doesn't back up my bluetooth devices so they had to be reset but that's a cake walk.

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