Monday, November 26, 2007

Time wasted

So last Thursday a few seconds of inattention resulted in a few hours wasted in the ER. Well today that time is expanded by an appointment with a specialist and a few hours trying to register for surgery. When Dr. Phan walked in the room he spent less than 5 minutes talking to me and laid out my choices. Pay the fiddler now and get the tendon checked and possibly fixed or wait and let it heal and see if there are complications. If the tendon tears I'll loose use of the finger abruptly and then having to go through the surgery plus another recovery time.

So the logical thing is to just get this thing stitched up and get on with the recovery.

My appointment with the surgeon was @ 1:45pm and they wanted me there 30 minutes early. Immediately from the office I went next door to get registered. No food or drink after midnight and surgery isn't until 12:45pm. Oh boy!

Finally I get to go home about 4:30. So here's another 3 hours wasted because of a few seconds of inattention. Geesh, stupid hurts.

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