Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The N800 sees day light again

So itś been almost 2 months since I posted to my blog. Why? Well because Ive been distracted with my BMW R1200GS and posting on the advrider forums. It amazes me how many people are active in the forums and somehow they find time to ride too.

So today I dusted off the N800 today and updated the OS to the latest version. Without the upgrade I would have had to wipe the unit anyway since it was once again stuck in that constant reboot cycle after about 2 minutes. Thankfully the new update seems to be a little more stable. I´ve tried to be careful this time and only load the things I need. I have Claws for email, Mozilla for browsing, ssh, nano and xterm. I think that should take care of my needs when away from the home office.

Logging in to the blog with the mozilla browser seemed as good as my laptop. It seems the Ajax stuff really works well on the N800 with Mozilla. Will this finally let me travel with just my N800 and phone. Only time will tell but this is looking good. Now that I have plenty of room on the bike, if I can carry a smaller computer I´ĺl have more for other goodies.

The next post will probably be about my Rick Mayer custom seat. It´ĺl chronicle the entire experience which I expect to take about 6 weeks. More to come.

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