Thursday, April 26, 2007

That old generator

One of the things that I was able to keep following the sale of the ISP was my original generators that we first used when there were power outages. Well 2 of them were given away and I kept one for myself. These units only saw limited use in the ISP business because we eventually got a big diesel generator.

Basically this thing has been in the garage taking up space and collecting dust. The tires tend to leak so every 4 weeks I have to air up the tires. Lucky for me I had just aired up the tires 2 weeks ago while cleaning out the garage. Otherwise I would have had to start the generator to run the compressor to air up the tires to move the generator.

Well after 2 years of storage I turned on the fuel valve, set the choke and pulled on the starter cord. 1st pull.... nothing. 2nd pull.... put put smoke smoke vrooommm! It started right up. No stabilizer in the gas or anything. The little generator runs great.

So the power was out for about 40 minutes (it just came back on) and I was able to keep things up and going past the duration of my UPSes. So I guess keeping it in the garage was a good thing.

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