Wednesday, April 11, 2007

N800 and the Stowaway BT Keyboard

So tomorrow I´m going to try to spend the rest of the weekend without using my laptop. We are heading to Ft. Worth to watch the NASCAR races. So this just seemed like a good time to try more of my mobile options. I haven´t really used my N800 for much more than a novelty item. Mainly because I kept forgetting to carry it. In preparation for this extended weekend adventure I purchased a Think Outside Stowaway bluetooth keyboard to make things a little easier.

So today it arrived and I opened the box and ripped open the packaging. I skimmed through the book to discover how to pair it to my Treo. OMG, I have to install software on the Treo, uggg! More on that later. So I put the kb into pairing mode and tell the N800 to search for blue tooth devices. Just like that Ive got it and I type in my pair code and Presto! I have a keyboard.

Oh crap now the fun starts. This is no ordinary keyboard, and characters aren´t necessarily where you´d expect them. But as I type more and more of this post I´m finding it´ś pretty easy to get used to. I seem to be having problems with the apostrophy key. I press it as hard as the others but it doesn´t always work. This could be due to the keyboard dipping a little as I press on keys in that area. I think I´ll try propping it up with some cardboard to see if that helps. If so I´ĺl figure out a little spacer.

Overall this seems like a great purchase for my mobile adventure. Now if I can figure out how to make the screen larger :) When Im typing on the screen keyboard the unit is closer to me so it seems bigger. When I´m on the stowaway though I have the N800 farther away. Something to work out this weekend I guess.

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