Monday, April 02, 2007

It's on fire!

So this past weekend was spent like so many weekends before, with me working tirelessly on the BBQ pit. However, this weekend was special because I had promised Reagan that we'd have a fire in the pit and sure enough I delivered. Ahead of schedule even. I told her to schedule the marching bands, cheerleaders, the mayor and fireworks for a fire starting at 2pm. At 12:34 I walked inside to report that it was ready for lighting so we lit the fire early. I guess that's why the parade never started :)

So is the pit done? No! Not yet. The basic barrel pit is finished. The smoke stack is installed as are the shelves. Even the little side shelves are installed so it's basically complete. The lid needs some tuning to get a better seal and it may be necessary to add another smoke stack to allow a little more flow through the pit. But we had a fire to see if it would actually breath and it did!

New pics are up in the gallery starting with the fabrication of the rotisserie spokes.

Hopefully I'll finish the rotisserie this week and we can have a ceremonial fire in the rotisserie side on Saturday. Then it'll be time to pressure wash the outside and build real fires to actually season it for cooking.

I also need to figure out how to rig up some propane burners to start the fire instead of having to use charcoal in a chimney. This is a big boy's BBQ pit now.

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