Friday, April 13, 2007

2 days with my N800

So it´s the end of the day and I´ve surprised myself with how easy it is to leave my laptop in it´ś backpack. Sure if there was a big server crash I´d probably have to pull it out just to work quicker. But for basic email and web surfing it works fine. The most difficult thing I´ve found so far is with logging into the dashboard to publish this blog. For some reason the signin link at the top of the page doesnt work. Instead I have to go to sign up for a new blog, then click on the sign in page and enter my credentials. Then I can type in as the URL and I´ĺl see my dashboard. Sort of a pain but easier now that I´ve figured out how to do it.

One annoying thing is when there isn´t a connection available. I´ve had problems with it freezing and then rebooting. Tonight there were some updates available so I applied them. I´ĺl have to see how the unit does tomorrow.

It seems it´ś harder than I expected to find open wireless networks. I guess more and more folks are figuring out how to secure their wireless networks. Thankfully using the DUN on my Treo I can get connectivity almost anywhere as long as I have cellular service. Hooray!

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