Saturday, January 06, 2007

it's a quail, it's a pheasant, what the heck is it?

If you sit on the stand long enough you eventually see something you haven't seen before. That's what happened just now. (11:15)

Since it's closing weekend I figured there's nothing to do at camp so I'll stay on the stand until lunch. Up pops this fat bird in the center shot lane I cleared earlier this season. At least twice as large as a dove. He had markings like a bobtail quail but more of a flat top looking do on his head. The other interesting feature was the long tail. At least 1.5 times the length of it's body. The feathers were brown with white spots. I think this might be a pheasant hen but I'm not sure. A quick search on Google didn't yield any good pictures for my Treo.

BTW: Staying on the stand until Lunch has yet to yield any big deer but it's a relaxing way to pass the time.

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