Saturday, January 06, 2007

broken shower and a trip to town

Wouldn't you know the last weekend of the season and the shower gets broken. Ugggggg.

It looks like there was some water still in the vertical pipe going to the shower head. Normally that's ok but with all the freezing temps in December it finally just cracked the pipe.

I went into town to get some couplings so I could make a new section but the hardware store was already closed. Sure doesn't seem too smart to close the only hardware store in town at noon. Oh well it wasn't worth the 30 miles round trip to go to Dibol. I'll just have to bring the parts from home before next season. I need (2) 3/4 slip to 1/2 threaded couplings for the showerhead and valves. Maybe I'll find a better valve assembly while I'm at it.

While I was in town I thought I'd make a donation to the Texas Lottery a.k.a. buying a ticket. I asked for a quick pick, cash option for the next 5 drawings. The first lady didn't understand English very well and claimed the machine was broken and that I should come back in 30 minutes. Problem is I watched her sell a ticket to the guy in front of me. I guess spanning multiple drawings was too difficult. So I left that store and went to the Exxon.

I asked for the same thing, QP CO 5 drawings. The lady looked at the machine and then said the other cashier would have to do it because she didn't know how to work the machine for complicated tickets. Meanwhile the other cashier was on the phone trying to straighten out a previous problem caused by this cashier. It seems she had inadvertently charged a young lady's credit card $540 for a $4 purchase. Oooops!!!! The real problem was that it was a debit card and that had just tied up that money in her account.

Honestly, I'm not making this up...

Oh did I forget to mention the poor girl said she didn't have $500 in her checking account to even cover the charge. She also didn't have enough cash to get home or another credit card. I have to give her credit though she was far calmer than I would have been in the same situation. At the point they were at I would have been demanding to see the store owner and calling the cops for potential credit card fraud.

So this clueless cashier was perfectly happy to let me just stand there waiting on the other cashier while holding up the line. When I realized she wasn't going to try and help one of the 5 other customers behind me, I suggested she go ahead and take care of the next person in line while I waited. This confused her. At this point I moved away from the counter so I could watch the checkout process hoping the customer would try to pay by credit card. No such luck but paying by cash appeared to be equally challenging for this cashier. That's enough entertainment for me I'm heading to another store.

So I drive across the street to the Brookshire Bros grocery store. Yep they sell Loto tickets. They even had a sign out front saying so. The other side said Beer And Wine To Go. I guess that's the big news in Corrigan. I walk in and go to customer service. By this time I'm willing to fill out one of those forms you normally use when you are picking the numbers manually figuring all they have to do is insert it into the scanner. Problem is there's no pencils but plenty of forms. So I ask the girl for the same ticket that I've asked for @ 2 other stores. QP CO 5 drawings. Oh boy I get a deer in the head lights gaze from this poor highschool student. Fortunately for me she's quick on her feet and gets the manager's attention to show her how to do it. About a minute later I hear "that'll be 5 dollars". I pass her the money while I double check the ticket. All looks good so I take my change and walk out the door.

So it appears while the lottery has been going on for a number of years it's still a challenge to get a multi drawing ticket in Corrigan,Tx. Thanks to a thinking high schooler and a trained manager I managed to get my ticket.

Whoever said small town America was boring.

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