Monday, January 22, 2007

FC6 on my Toshiba P35-S611 Laptop Freezing

Since installing Fedora Core 6 I've noticed more and more freeze problems with my laptop. Sunday night I decided to backup my entire laptop HD onto a USB drive. Then I wiped the hard drive and reloaded Fedora Core 6.

There are some nice things when starting from scratch. One thing in particular is the suspend/hibernate features. Back in FC4 I could never get this to work. I managed to get most of my application settings back without having to manually enter them.

Aqua Data Studio:


My Menu mods:

So after copying over all of this stuff I cranked up my xmms and started to listening to podcasts and mp3. Arrrrgh!!!!! The system froze. Thinking it was xmms I switched to Rhythmbox. Things seemed promising but 30 minutes after a reboot and the machine was freezing again.

I conducted a memory test and a stresslinux test with no problems. Hmmmm what is wrong?

I stumbled on to some posts that talked about cpuspeed. I disabled it and restared. The laptop has been running nicely for 2.5 hours.

I have had some problems with podcasts on an SD card. It seems that reading the card from the USB hub/card reader works well. Using the builtin card reader in my 80GB USB drive seems to cause pauses when reading from the card.

Time to go to work!

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