Sunday, January 07, 2007

5 does in the field

Well this morning has been good although there has been 0 shots fired.. 5 does where in my area at the same time. 4 came in via the center shot lane while 1 appeared in the right lane. After a bit they finally met up in the right lane and headed back toward the feeder. Eventually they all left together via the center lane.

I reckon clearing the center lane was a good thing. Hopefully I'll be able to return this spring and do a little more clearing before things warm up. I'd like to take the lane all the way to the fence. I figure I'm halfway there so far. Maybe when the loggers come in they'll help me out a little.

While eating breakfast I looked through the log book. Turns out I got to hunt 21 days this season. That's not too bad considering how many other things take up my time in December every year.

If things go well this coming year maybe I can get the total up to 31 days. Heck if I win the lottery maybe it'll be 45 days even. :)

My 9 point rack should be finished drying in a few weeks so I can finally mount it. Looking forward to hanging it on the wall next to Papa's rack. Maybe I can bug Ron or Chris to bring their laser levels over and help me reorganize my racks. Maybe....

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