Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Get out and don't come back

That's what my doctor said to me today when I had my exam to see how the finger was doing. He had me bend my finger, make a fist, hold it out straight while he pressed on it. Everything was good.

He says it'll take about 6 months for the swelling to go down as much of it is due to scar tissue. There was no concern what so ever that I had quit wearing my splint weeks ago. In fact he was quite pleased with my range of motion and said no more therapy was necessary. Then he wished me a safe and healthy 2008 and said "Get out and don't come back". That was music to my ears.

So I still haven't seen all the bills and there's a little confusion with some offices regarding the correct insurance information, but the last time I added it all up the medical bills were over $8,000. And that was all caused by just a few seconds of inattention. Now when I sharpen my knives, Yes I'm sharpening them again! Now when I sharpen knives I pay very close attention because ..... Stupid Hurts!

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