Thursday, March 08, 2007

More N800 fun

So I've found all sorts of distractions this week with my Nokia N800 but I've also learned a lot about it. Talking to another user of the N800 I got a different perspective on it and what it means to other people.

I found a great blog where the user talks about useful mods you can make to your N800 like dual booting with your internal SD card, activating virtual memory and more. I'm interested to see his suggestion for backup in the unit.

I've successfully installed Gizmo. This little program allows me to use my N800 as a sip phone with my Asterisk server at the house. Currently I'm running the very old ASterisk@Home 2.2 but thought I'd try out the newer Trixbox 2.0 in a VM. In testing the new set up I figured out what Gizmo was doing. They didn't actually write it such that the secondary account settings logged directly into your server, but instead they seem to proxying the connection through their servers. Not a big deal but you have to make your Asterisk server available to the web in order to test things. I've also noticed that I can't dial numbers starting with the * symbol. Those calls get routed to the Gizmo network. So Gizmo's not a perfect sip phone for your Asterisk box but it seems to work pretty good. This setup also explains why I have a 1 to 1.5 second delay when I establish a call via Gizmo through my Asterisk box.

I also have managed to find and install ping and traceroute on the site. It comes up under a search for "basic networking tools" but yet not when you search for ping. Uuuuug! Also installed the bind tools unfortunately it doesn't look like it included dig. Maybe I'll try compiling that myself. I need to get my dev VM working first though.

Battery life was pretty good today. I made it until 5pm before I had to plug it in. I wasn't using it heavily most of the day but it was on and reachable via the network. So that's not too bad.


Lane said...

How did you get iptools to install? I consistently get "Incomputable version" when opening the .deb file.

Brian said...

I seem to remember installing the bind9 packages first, then I was able to install the iputils-* packages.

I haven't tested this on the latest firmware upgrade released on the 23rd. Seems like they'd make the packages upgradable instead of wiping everything out.

Lane said...

Red Pill or Blue Pill mode?
All the packages come back with "Incompatible Application Package"

Brian said...

Red pill

I just leave it in Red Pill mode.