Saturday, December 30, 2006

a new bike for Christmas?

So being an instructor at a Harley dealership can be interesting especially when you don't ride a Harley.

Last week the dealership got in a nice black and yellow Vrod. The yellow perl skulls painted into the black stripe are really cool. It would match my yellow GSX-R nicely.

The Vrod seems to really appeal to my wife but now she tells me she doesn't like the seat and the mid controls are too rear set for her but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Last night she stopped by the dealership to visit Tanya, and see the bike. She runs into her uncle and cousins who were looking at glooves to wear in the cold. One thing leads to another and I get this pic sent to my phone. A little later I get a call asking if I've looked at my phone. I see the pic and call her back. Reagan tells me she's bought the Vrod and that I need to bring up her helmet and gear.

- ok this is the first signs of a prank.
1. She has yet to ride her Savage up to the dealership because of traffic
2. It was sort of nasty outside and they would have graciously loaded it up in the truck for her

So I'm just hanging out at the house waiting to see what happens. Oh if she has bought a Vrod I can almost hear the hum of my new Concourse14 in the next few months when it gets to the showroom floor.

Meanwhile the whole dealership is getting into this joke. They get her the welcome letter that all buyers get. She gets an accessory catalog. They even offer to make up a sales receipt all in the name of this joke on me.

Our buddy Ron calls Reagan to see what we are up to for the night. Thinking I put him up to finding out if she really bought the bike, she tells him she bought a Vrod. Now Ron is a serious fan of the Harley. He's got the bike, the Ford Harley edition truck, the pool table, the christmas tree, the clock. I'll bet if you cut him he'd bleed orange. He's a big fan of HD. So telling him she bought an HD got him excited. He in turn called our other friends Chris and Erica. Erica calls Reagan offering words of congratulations and they decide that we are all meeting up at Kona Grill for drinks.

Back to the dealership happenings, Reagan even got one of the sales guys to call and ask me for my address so he could deliver the bike today. It's a mighty sneaky group up there.

So Reagan gets home with catalog in hand and starts looking through it. She shows me the welcome letter that tells about the HOG chapter meeting stuff. So then I tell her to check on insurance for the bike. See how much to add it to our existing policy. She gets the number and I asked how that compared with what she could get through HD since I was pretty sure they had insurance with their fianance program. Uuuuuuuh. She couldn't tell me how it compared. Well how much does the bike cost? She said 35K

- now my suspicions were confirmed.
1. She would not by a $35K at her current riding level.
2. the Vrod lists for 15-19K depending on which model you get. The screaming eagle is more but this wasn't one.

So the joke is foiled. But wait! Our dear friend Ron thinks it's for real.

We get to the bar and meet up with Chris & Erica. He's a little suspicious for many of the same reasons I was. And there was the fact that I wasn't all excite. She fesses up and they get a laugh out of the story. Chris calls Ron to add a little fuel to story and get him to come there.

Ron and Cathy show up and you can tell he's suspicios but hopeful. Finally she fesses up and explains how he got accidentally pulled into the joke.

In reality, if she had told him what was up and got him in on pranking me I probably would have bought into it. Who knows I might have even rushed up to the dealership.

It's a pretty bike and it'll make someone really happy. I'll try to get some photos of it next week.

The bike that almost had a home in our garage.

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