Sunday, December 31, 2006

1,2,3,4 Does

That's probably the largest number of does I've seen moving together around here. They came walking down the south road in single file. It was still pretty dark so they were hard to see. This is the same area where I spooked a deer yesterday morning at about the same time. This has been a good road to watch this year as it's over my left shoulder.

6:45 came and the feeder went off. All 4 were startled but only took a step or two to get out from under the feeder. It was interesting to see they all faced different directions looking for danger. Once the motor stopped they all turned back toward the feeder and began eating again.

By 7:30 they had pretty well cleaned up all the feed and began to gradually move away. In general they were heading down the new shot lane I cleared a month ago behind the feeder. As they meandered down the lane they all took an opportunity to urinate in the lane. It's late enough in the season that I probably won't see any outcome from this but it gives me hope for closing weekend next week.

So 2 more days of the season logged and nothing but Does. That's about par for the time of the season I guess. By now the does are feeling less pressure as their season ended after Thanksgiving while the bucks are still being shot at. The rut seems to have quieted down as well. With 5 mature does seen this weekend you'd expect to see/hear at least a young buck. Nope! I think hot deer love in the woods will have to wait until next year.

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