Friday, November 17, 2006

brrrrr it's cold
it's the 3rd weekend of deer season and this morning started off cold. I drove up instead of coming up last night. I got delayed at the camphouse but got out on the stand @ 6:10. Brrrr it's cold. The moon was just a sliver last nice so I expected to see deer pretty soon after sun up.
So far nothing.....

Ok it's 9am and a doe finally shows up to check out my feeder. She's small and seems nervous.

Oh shit I have to put the phone down I hear a buck....

Nice! It's a 9 point with thick horns. Aim, squeeze, FLLINCH! Reload, fire, MISS? Reload, breathe... He's walkin right towards me with a limp on the rear leg. Breathe...wait for a broadside shoot. No neck shot here... Aim, squeeze, drop.

No more ammo so I load 3 more shells into the gun. It's cold enough he can sit for a bit, who knows there might be a bigger one in a bit.

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