Sunday, March 08, 2009

Me and my new Acer Aspire One D150-1165

The other day I received my new 10.1 inch Acer Aspire. Sure my 8.9 unit still works and does pretty much everything I need it to do. But heck these things only cost $350 so why not get the new one too.

Here's what I like about the 10 inch model:
  • Larger screen makes it easy to run smaller fonts to maximize the 1024x600 resolution
  • The 6 Cell battery gives me 4 plus hours of true wireless run time
  • The sata drive is noticeably faster than the PATA drive I put in my SSD AAO
  • Easier to get to the ram and wireless card, already boosted to 2GB and Broadcom card, without taking the thing apart.
And here's what is frustrating me so far:
  • Difficulty to find articles on google due to the similar name, AAO seems to refer to the 8.9 inch
  • Can't get the internal mic to work in LInux. So Skype in Linux requires a headset, not in XP or 7 though.
  • Haven't been able to get a Mac OS X install to work once installed, retrying now with this post
  • The suspend feature under Linux recently quit working, I've used this post for the 8.9" with success. I probably goofed something up...
Currently I have Fedora 10, Windows XP (came with it), Windows 7 Ultimate (Beta) and a broken Mac OS X 10.5.6 installed. I'm impressed enough with Windows 7 that I will probably wipe out the XP partition once they do a real release of 7. It surprised me with how stable and quick it is. But it's still not Linux so it won't become my primary OS of choice.

Did I mention the battery life? Really it's great. I don't know what the real life span of a charge is yet because I simply haven't worked on it that long at one time. I'll probably figure it out the next time I'm at a customer's site. I wish they included a shorter clover-leaf power cord though. I've found sites listing a 1 foot cord but everyone is out of stock. I guess that's the "in" accessory for these netbooks. When/If I ever find them in stock I'll definitely order a few for all of my laptops and then leave the 6 foot cables at home.

It's not perfect yet, but this little netbook will definitely be going to my outings with me from now on. The 8.9" will be relegated to a handy Hackintosh for testing web stuff when needed.


Brian said...

UPDATE: I was able to install the Kalyway Mac OS X 10.5.2 disc after actually following the instructions. Doh!!!

Stavos said...

Hi, I also have the Acer Aspire One D150 (10") and installed OS X on it however once I reboot I get a boot disk failure. I haven't tried the Kalyway version could you provide me with the instructions? I'm currently running Win7 as my primary OS as I'm a graphic designer and need photoshop ;) runs really great and faster than XP. Thanks

Brian said...

Look at the link I mentioned above in the post. Haven't found any how-to's specifically written for the 10.1.

Bryan said...

I have managed to get OSX 10.5.6 on the D150 also. However I have no sound and I only have 800X600 available. Did you manage either sound or full resolution on yours? Other than these and lack of hibernation/sleep it really does run well.

Brian said...

Bryan, I gave up. MacOS X isn't really a primary OS for me right now. I have it running well on my 8.9" A110 so I'll keep it for OS X and use my 10" for primary stuff.

I am following several threads on the D150 and OS X. So far no one seems to be getting much further.

Bryan said...

Thanks for the reply. It's not crucial for me either. I did buy the D150 thinking it was a piece of cake to install OS X only to find out it was different than the A150. :( C'est la vie

SpittenKittens said...

I have a new D150 and have tried the dual boot.I have tried several different installs and they all work if you make sure ACHI or sata is enabled.The acer one all in one install does not work on the new Deneb. You must manually install the lan driver ATL1e kext.
I have a dell 1390 and it works but not well. No sound and I cant get quartz extreme enabled. It is very fast, the best version but it has some problems. I have not tried all the hardware yet. I have never got the ar500 to work. It has new hardware that some way smarter than me needs to figure out.

T Hancock said...

Hi Brian,
Just got me one of these little babies a couple of weeks ago. So far I love this little thing. Like you, I'm planning on maxing this machine out at 2gigs. Do you mind sharing with me what brand of RAM you went with. Thanks in advanced!!!

Brian said...

Hancock, to be honest I don't remember. I just went down to Fry's and bought stick.

Ceffyl said...


I found instructions here:

If you are still interested this may help you.

Brian said...

Thanks, I'll check it out.