Friday, January 09, 2009

A full day with the Aspire One

Today I thought I'd work on the AA1 a little and see if I could get the stock Linpus OS to work for me. Well, I got quite a bit working but the key stopping point was the lack of support for my Novatel U727 Cellular modem. Since that is important to me when I travel and even when I'm on-site, I had to get it working.

I decided to install Fedora 10. Since I still wanted to utilize the SDHC slot for added OS capacity I initially tried to place the root filesystem on there with just the boot partition on the SSD. Nope! I'm sure I was close but it just wasn't worth it after I had to reinstall for the 4th or 5th time. Luckily I was installing from a USB stick so it didn't take long to install.

I found a really helpful blog post detailing another's experience doing what I wanted so I used his tips. I've successfullt managed to use the SDHC expansion slot for my /home directory. Currently I'm waiting on a yum update to complete, hopefully after the reboot I'll still have a working OS. At least with the Live CD on the thumb drive it'll be easy to get in and repair things if they break.

I still need to set up evolution and syncevolution but at least I have my Firefox working. More to come I'm sure, but so far it's looking like this little netbook will be going to Alaska with me this summer.

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