Saturday, July 12, 2008

Connecting the dots

I'm supposed to be on vacation this week. But I have a new laptop with Fedora 9 so I'm playing with it to see if I can make it really do all I need it to do to make my life easier. So far so good.

Previously I was using ScheduleWorld with syncEvolution on my Fedora 7 laptop in hopes that I could eventually get it to sync with my treo and publish to a google calendar so others could see what I was up to. Well I never got the treo syncing and then about 3 months ago my syncEvolution script started reporting errors so I just disabled it.

Tonight however I revived all of that intrest while trying to figure out a way to sync my old laptop (now my desktop) and my new laptop. And if I could sync with the Treo even better! Well I did it.

First I had to upgrade syncEvolution on the Fedora 7 box. It was on version 0.5 hence the errors. I hunted down the source as there weren't any rpms available for F7 in my current repos. A simple ./configure followed by a sudo make install and I was updated. Then I ran my sync script and everything work. Step 1 complete.

Next I had to install syncEvolution on the F9 laptop. Easy, I just typed yum install syncevolution and it was done. A quit copy of the .sync4j directory from my F7 laptop and I was almost ready to try it. But first I wanted to force my laptop to download everything from the ScheduleWorld server. That meant I needed to change the sync method in the config files and wipe out my local copy in Evolution. I discovered in doing so I have to kill the evolution data-server processes as well. Once done I started Evolution and then ran my syncEvolution script. Presto! I have the info as it appears on ScheduleWorld.

Then it was time to try the Treo again. I installed the Synthesis SyncML Palm client as recommend at ScheduleWorld and tried to sync. First I got the addressbook but nothing else. With a little digging I was able to get the notes and tasks. Then after clearing the name field of the events and retyping "cal" I was able to get the calendar. Woohoo!

Now I can add something on my F9 laptop and when I sync my phone it'll be there. I might just go ahead and spring for the $60 pro version of the Treo software so I can get automated updates versus the $30 standard version where you have to manually sync.

To make things even slicker I found a great little python gnome applet called Genesis that sits in my notification tray and allows me to run ScheduleWorld via a GUI. Now when I log it, it automatically syncs and will sync every 60 minutes after that while I'm logged in. There's a little problem when connected via wireless as the connection does come up in time but I think I can probaly adjust the genesis python code to delay that initial sync by 2 minutes or so in order for me to get online. I might also be able to adjust the code to detect whether the NetworkManager reports that I'm online. That would be even cooler. For now, the premature sync when I first log in is only mildly annoying and can easily be disabled with a click of a checkbox.

At this point I have my Evolution data syncing everywhere and the other day I installed Foxmarks to sync my Firefox bookmarks between computers. The only thing left is to try and install Unison to keep my Documents folder in sync. That's another project while on vacation I guess.

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