Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The finger moves (a little)

So more time wasted as a result of my few seconds of inattention. Today I had a doctor's appointment with my surgeon to follow up on my finger. The nurse came in and removed the 11 stitches. Holy Cow! That hurt worse than cutting my finger in the first place. At one point I told the nurse he was in real danger of me punching him because he was a guy and I had no problem hitting guys who caused me pain. He laughed and told me he was almost done.

So the doctor comes in and we talk. I find out that in about 3 months time I should have full use of my finger and for the next 4 weeks I get to wear a new split and that he wants me to do finger exercises. OK, so at least I'm past wrapping the finger in gauze. But 3 months before I have full use of the finger? Crap!!! I was only inattentive for 3 seconds. Ouch!

At the end of the visit, he sends me upstairs to see a physical therapist and so I can get the splint. So I head upstairs and they are able to see me. Kristy, my therapist, fits me with a spiffy hard splint made out of plastic and gives me instructions on my finger exercise and massaging for the next 4 weeks. Oh boy, this sounds like fun...

So I went in at 10am, walked out at Noon. 2 more hours spent for a few seconds of inattention. Not to mention the pain from having the stitches removed. Stupid hurts.

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